Heart of Oak 70cl Decanter


An International Award Winning Gin: Heart of Oak gin was awarded a Bronze medal in 2020 in the Wood Finished Gin category and a Bronze in the Gin and Tonic category. With 2 medals from the IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition) an exceptional spirit is guaranteed.

Nose: Initially a classic London Dry, but then something
else. Sweet citrus, caramel & honey inviting you on a walk in the sunny woodlands. Notes of pepper
hold a delicate balance of Juniper allowing a subtle hint of oak wood to show through.
Palate: Sweet citrus at first, yet subtle oaken notes soon become more prominent. Still a classic London Dry but with an unusual twist. Expected Juniper, herbal notes and promised pepper now embrace the lovely balance of soft wood to underpin the initial sweetness with an intriguing counterpoint hint of bitterness.
Finish: Gentle sweet yet nutty with a lingering warmth, its sweetness just giving way to an elusive warmth at the last.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Heart of Oak stand up well against a Gingerale, garnish with dark chocolate and orange

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OakVilla’ Heart of Oak is produced from the highest quality neutral alcohol and botanicals.

From the heart of Nelson’s County a sherry cask oak rested Gin to celebrate our strong nautical heritage, and “hearts of oak” who have kept our island nation safe from time immemorial.

More than 12 botanicals including Juniper, Orris Root, Warming Peppers, Poppy from Norfolk, Sweet Citrus and honey distilled and skilfully rested with Sherry Oak.

The essential oils from the botanicals used, is first released during a maceration process. The process takes twelve hours in a controlled environment and under close supervision. Once we are satisfied that the maceration process is complete, our 380 litre stainless steel still, Dromedaris, is heated slowly to ensure the alcohol turns into vapor.

As the vapor rises through the water-cooled condenser of Dromedaris, the first cut is made. The Heads contain several parts; some we discard of and some we keep, like the citrus and florally notes. Our cuts are carefully measured to ensure that Heart of Oak is crystal clear at this stage with just the right combination of delicious tones.

Next the Hearts are distilled and this is what contains the alluring subtle aromas and flavors.

The final cut is the Tails, this contains the earthy tones and Oak as well as the exquisite, lingering peppery notes.

As a result of our slow distilling process and large Head and Tail cuts, we have a 76% ABV gin. We slowly and carefully dilute this down to 44% ABV by using three times filtered and pure steam distilled water.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 16 cm

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